Indigenous Sensitivity Critique

So you want to create a diverse and “other” inspired project. You’ve done the research and know you can make Indigenous people feel honored and seen with your take on their characterization.

  • Your new novel has an Indigenous character taking your MC on a vision quest.
  • Your new commercial is going to use a slur as a brand name.
  • You just can’t decide on the headdress to wear to the “Cowboy and Indian” themed awards show.

Our Orchard is who you contact so that we can make sure to tell you not to do any of that.

We at Our Orchard will look over what you have and give a detailed unflinching response to what changes you should make and how to navigate those changes.


Note: Our Orchard reserves the right to raise or lower prices based on individual project needs. Larger or more complex projects may dramatically increase the price, while projects that excited us may decrease it. Once the project is explained pricing will be negotiated and at least half paid before work will begin.
All projects have a $100 minimum.

  • Stories and Novels: $0.01 per word, per reader, rounded to the nearest $1.00,
  • Movie Reviews Indie: $1000
  • Movie Reviews Mainstream: $5000
  • Most RPGs: $0.07 though the price is negotiable depending on the project.

Please note movie prices are based on a two-hour standard, short or long films will be prorated based on project size.

  • Advertisement Reviews: Individually determined by request but assume $300-$500 hourly rate
  • Event Planning/Themes: Individually determined by request but assume $300-$1000 daily rate
  • Classroom Exercises/Discussions: $300 standard exercise
  • Costume Design: $200 simple costume critique
  • Comics/GNs: $10 a page
  • Game Critique: Determined by project complexity and time required.
  • Other/Custom Concern: Individually determined by request but assume a standard of $300 hourly rate (negotiable)

What We Do

Our Orchard currently specializes in Indigenous Diversity Critiques. We are an Indigenous managed and worked business. We may mention blaring issues from other marginalized peoples, but at this time we do not claim expertise in other areas. This may change in time as new critiquers come on board.

We do not copy or line edit, nor do we critique on style, pacing, taste, or anything else (though individuals may add in a note or two, this is not the service we provide so do not expect it). We critique only on what you should or should not change in order to not be offensive or inauthentic in regards to specific cultural groups. This may mean that we will comment in regards to dialogue or scene styles that are not representative of how Indigenous people would speak, act, or create.

We make suggestions, some of those suggestions we can easily and discernably explain, and in those instances, we will provide that information, but often we are basing our suggestions on lived experience, feelings of authenticity, and the probable reaction. These situations can be much more subjective.

We are not required to explain every suggestion, nor are we liable for those who choose to ignore those suggestions. We will not argue if our suggestions are correct or false, and discussion of said suggestion is at the discretion of the individual critiquer. We want your project to succeed but we will not argue why it is or is not ok to use a specific trope or term. We are usually very open and informative in our discussion, and this should be seen as a mere reservation of rights.


Contact us through the Our Orchard Contact Page with a summary of the project and your individual goals for the project.

For Information on further consulting please review our Consulting and Human Coaching Page.

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