Short Stories

These are my Stories in Construction. Monster’s Offer and This Life Stories are edited and complete and published. The rest are still in progress, though I only add them once they reach a stage where they are at least full drafts of what will eventually become the final product. I am open to ideas on all of these stories in how to make them better and improve them. They are here for the enjoyment of all if you desire to enjoy them.

Tricksters War Series

Stories set in my Trickster’s War novel universe.

The Time of Nativia

Stories set in my steampunk alt-history universe where colonialism never happened.

The Ballads of Idaho Jack

Indiana Jones parody, where Indiana is a native trying to rescue the bones of indigenous peoples from museums.

This Life Told by an Old Ndn

Magical Realism about growing up on the rez.

Random Stories


Enjoy my shorts, please feel free to check out my novels