The Time of Nativia

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Current World Building Site for the Time of Nativia if anyone wants to write in world. Please feel free to email potential changes for those nations you may know more about than myself, info to flesh out, or additions of new nations that you may want to add. Also send any links to stories you write so I can add the link to the bottom of the page.
In the Time of Nativia, European Colonialism never occured. The Zulu invaded England and the surrounding islands after first contact. The shock of African invaders drove Europe into a frenzy which was soon quelled as the Aztecs landed in Spain citing their myths of having taken in lost people’s from across the oceans as proof of their right to this land. They were followed by the Inca coming to ground in Portugal and who soon also took the lands of those who had once been Romans. The Covenant of the Matriarch, called the Ice Nation by most, spread across the North of all the world. The Haudenosaunee Republic joined the division of Europe by taking what was once France into their fold. Now generations later the Zulu are considering granting the Islands their independence, a move most do not believe European peoples could be ready for. The fear of a newly freed people known to be war like destabilizing Europe has many a nation on edge; and not a few nations hungry to usurp the newly opened lands.


Covenant of the Matriarch; i.e. Matriarchy, i.e. The Ice Nation,

  • Controlling the entire Northern world including but not limited to, Siberia, Alaska, Most of Canada, Iceland, Greenland, Russia, and a sprinkling of islands and scandinavian holdings.
  • Contains a diverse group including inuit, northern tribes, vikings, several scandinavian groups, siberians, some russians, etc.
  • Soon to be joined by the Salish Confederate and was requested to send representatives to the Mongols.
  • Heavy trade power. They do not believe in violence, but they do believe in control through trade. Mostly they attempt to become so important to other nations that those nations will choose to join them voluntarily and Sign the Covenant of the Matriarch.
  • Increases size by organically convincing others to join. Those that join must sign the Covenant of the Matriarch. Those wishing to join will sign the “First Generation Concord” which allows that the joining will be unbreakable until the death of the baby that is first born after the concord is signed. At that death the countries will vote on making the joining permanent.
  • The Salish Confederate once attacked the Ice Nation over trade monopolies in what was called the “One Day War.” The only time the Ice Nation has ever fought more than a skirmish. They crushed the Salish forces in the a single day due to weaponry brought in from Asia. The two have worked together since in an attempt to heal the wounds of the war, and have become a powerful set of allies.

Salish Confederate,

  • Controlling most of the Pacific NorthWest, Parts of California, as far over as Montana.
  • Going to join the Ice Nation the other nations on America fear this, due to the combined trading power and land base it will create within the Americas. Imagine how the world would react if the US and China were like, “We will join as one country.”
  • They demand that to sign the Concord they must be assured men will be given the right to vote.
  • They are a powerful nation in their own right, with a huge amount of natural resources.
  • Once attacked the Ice Nation due to feeling trapped along their coastline by both the Ice Nation and the Hawai’ian Empire. This lead to the One Day War when they ran up against weaponry the Ice Nation had learned from their Asian trade partners.


  • Have opened discussions to join Ice Nation. The Chinese and other Asian Countries fear this as they are at war with the Mongols. The Mongols are worried about joining with the larger nation, but feel they need to, to protect themselves from the continued push by others into their territory and the semi steady collapse of their empire. They are over extended with a cycle of conquests, loss, conquest, dissolution, conquest, etc; a cycle they hope to break.
  • Toklo’s daughter and second wife have traveled to the Mongol’s capital to discuss the potential combination.
  • They are a powerful nation weakened with over extension.
  • Their terms for joining, how serious they maybe, or what it will mean have not yet been negotiated.

Haudenosaunee Republic; i.e. The Republic,

  • Control of the North American East Coast,
  • Started with the 5 civilized tribes now control almost the entire east coast, though there are holdouts.
  • Claim to want peace, but often act aggressively when needed.
  • They are many separate nation states that have separate laws, but a connecting Federal Government. One of these states is France, and areas around France in Europe. They have an eye on growing once the Zulu leave, or at the very least from keeping the Aztec from increasing their hold in Europe.
  • Shared animosity towards the Aztec and trade has made the Apache Empire, Mississippi Bands, and the Republic allies.


  • Control the Southwest of North America.
  • Peaceful, farmers, and traders mostly. Neutral to most tensions.
  • Holding the conference that Toklo is attending. He is only in town because his first wife is there in trade negotiations, while on the way to the Mississippi bands to discuss aid.
  • The Ice Nation and all other nations have a deep respect for the Dine. It is unlikely any other nation would be able to host the gathering Toklo is attending.


  • Ruling over most of Mexico and Spain
  • Growth orientated.
  • Claim rights to Europe because of the “Columbus Myth.” A myth that they pulled people from the oceans that had come from the other side of the Eastern Ocean. Some of these people were made citizens after years of living with the Aztec. The sailors accepted Aztec rule not only for themselves, but their people. This supposed lineage, they claim, means that Europe is destined to come under their power. Named after the supposed ship captain that stranded his sailors on the wrong side of the Eastern Ocean because he was too decayed with sickness to not crash the ships upon the rocks near shore. He was hung by his own sailors once landfall was made.
  • A tension in the world because of aggression.
  • Several countries, most notably the Apache do not care for them.


  • Rules over much of South America, Portugal, and Italy.
  • Expansionist, but not to the level they once were
  • They have spread to other continents, including Africa, but have since stepped back from this as they developed an alliship with the Zulu in the creation of the Free Nations.
  • Currently trying to push into the Hawai’ian Empire to break the monopoly and open trade directly with Asia.

The Free Nations,

  • Caribbean Countries and several African Coastal Lands.
  • Mixed Central American tribes and African Tribes.
  • The two combined when caught between the Inca and Zulu Expansions and the War of the Eastern Ocean.
  • When the two world powers signed a peace accord they each gave up land and peoples within a buffer zone on both continents. The two countries worked together to ensure the success of the newly independent nations, and have grown close in the process. This created the Free Nations.
  • It should be noted several nations remained out from under Zulu and Inca control, and so were not created by the peace accord. They are often still considered as part of the Free Nations, though technically they are no “freed” as they were always free.
  • The success of the Free Nations is believed to be the inspiration for the Zulu granting the European Islands their independence.

Hawaiian Empire,

  • Control over most of the Pacific Islands.
  • They have combined most of the Polynesian and other Islander groups into a single Empire, but not all.
  • They block most expansionist attempts from both sides of the Pacific.
  • They also hold a trade monopoly across the Pacific, the monopoly is only broken by the Ice Nation in the Arctic.
  • Because of this they are commonly referred to as the Nation of Gatekeepers.


  • Not much is known about the full state of Africa by Toklo, but he knows the Zulu were the first to branch out by ocean.
  • They are currently debating on leaving the Islands (United Kingdom) to grant them independence, causing tension as other countries are likely to try and step in as the English are seen as backward and unable to rule themselves. There are several smaller tribes within the Islands and it will likely fracture creating many small tribal nations.
  • They were inspired to do all of this by their success with the Inca in the Free Nations, they believe that they can succeed in getting the Islands stabilized under their own rule.


  • Seen as a mass of separate backwaters to be claimed by the nation’s of the world now that the Zulu are leaving the Islands.
  • Refugee problems are likely as they disseminate in diaspora due to the coming war.
  • They are plagued by holders-on to a strange blood/cannibal cult (Christianity).
  • The many countries of the world are trying to decide how to handle the potential refugee problems and basic poverty there.


  • Attempts to bring stability and charity to many parts of the world. They have spent much of their time bringing help and aid to the world’s poor.
  • They feel a connection to Europe as they share the foundations of their religion, though Ethiopia is not comfortable with the primitive violent version in Europe. They are currently using missionaries and aid to try and bring Europeans out of their primitive ways.

Other African Nations,

  • Mentioned not named, though. Most of the discussion is currently surrounding the Americas and their reaction to the European Problem. Not much is known about this side of the world.

Other Asian Nations,

  • Even less is known about Asia. The Mongol Empire is breaking apart, and the last of the empire is attempting to work with the Ice Nation to regain power.

Other American Nations,

  • Commonly called The People’s they are the many smaller nations around North America that remain unconnected to any named here. There are many diverse groups that each hold their own place in the world. Toklo has only studied so many.

Lakota and Comanche Nations,

  • Protecting several smaller nations around them in exchange for taxes basically.
  • Only combined here because Toklo sees their representatives together, and he does not know enough about either at this point to know much about them.

Apache Empire,

  • Mid Southwest of North America
  • Often ready to go to war with the Aztec. Have been on and off at war with the Aztecs for generations.
  • Worked with the Mississippi Bands several times after Hurricane Disasters. They have offered to bring the Ice Nation and Ethiopia safely there for purely humanitarian reasons.
  • Is mentioned they have Airships.

Mississippi Bands,

  • Not much is mentioned about them except they recently had a national disaster in the form of a hurricane.
  • They are the stated reason for Toklo and his family’s trip to negotiate aid.



  • From the Ice Nation, in a gathering about how to handle the “European Problem.”

  • He is only in the southwest because his first wife Meriwa has stopped for trade negotiations before heading to the Mississippi Bands to negotiate aid for hurricane relief.

  • His daughter and second wife are negotiating with the Mongols in their wish to join the Nation.

  • He seems completely under his first wife’s thumb, as she runs the family. But he is more than he appears, often working on the political angles for the Ice Nation.


  • Representative of the Republic,

  • Tries to get information from Toklo about the Salish Adoption and how the Ice Nation will swing during the upcoming war in Europe knowing that it will spread across the world.

  • Brusk and forward in speech and demeanor. Often comes across as rude.


  • Apache Representative.

  • She will be leading Toklo’s group into Mississippi.

  • She hates the Aztec and makes it known.


  • Toklo’s First Wife
  • Extremely powerful trader within the Ice Nation
  • Rules her family with an Iron Fist.


  • Toklo’s second wife, on a trip to test if the Mongols are serious about joining the Ice Nation

  • Transgendered


  • a Kandake of Ethiopia
  • Comes across as nice and carrying, but perhaps only so much.


  • Toklo’s daughter with Meriwa, but traveling with Tapeesa

Upcoming War

  • The Inca and Zulu claim to not want war, but will likely not sit on the sidelines long if war develops. But both are tied in other conflicts for the most part. The Free Nations will likely side with them.

  • The Republic and Apache will try to move into United Kingdom before the Aztec can, claiming that they need to “stabilize the region.”

  • Aztec will likely use the Zulu leaving as an excuse to try and expand in Europe further. They claim they have been invited by the Scottish to come in with aid and guidance once the Zulu leave. They also use the Columbus Myth to lay claim to all of Europe.

  • The Ice Nation, Dine, and Ethiopia so far are neutral and only offering aid at the most.

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