First Review for Monster’s Children 4.5 Stars

Elysian Fields Book Review Blog is the first blog to review Monster’s Children and gave it 4.5 stars out of 5.

Reviews are extremely important for authors, especially new authors. Amazon and Goodreads reviews can make or break a book’s chances of success. Book Blogs picking up a book and giving honest reviews keep the industry moving forward. So I am ecstatic that the first book blog to pick up the book has completed their review and it was so positive.

To quote the reviewer says:

“I absolutely loved it! The story is fresh and so unexpected. I have read so many books based on mythology, but it is almost always mythology that everyone is familiar with. Familiarity is sometimes a good thing, but the recycling of the same idea tends to become maddening if encountered enough. Native American mythology is rare in the fantasy genre. I fell in love with the stories within stories in this beautifully written book. The Trickster Gods and their roles in the world, trying to maintain freedom and wildness and stifle the spread of order. It is a beautiful analogy of our world today, without coming out and smacking the reader in the face with it. Order; conformity of society, the belief that if you don’t fit in with everyone else, you will become society’s outcasts. The fear that is always drilled into us from birth through the media; do it our way or we will make sure your existence means nothing. But, I’m rambling..”

But please go to the Elysian Fields Book Review Blog and read the entire review, as this is just an expert from the review. A good book review blog is important to find in order to help discover new books to enjoy. This blog is well written and fair, so please show support and check it out.

And pick up your copy of Monster’s Children today, free on Amazon unlimited. Remember that one of the best ways to support an author especially new authors is to write a review and suggest it to your friends.

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