Raven’s Spear Available for Kindle Pre Order

Book two in the Tricksters’ War Series is ready for pre order on amazon 

Goes on sale March 1st 2018

kindle rough draft cover

Description from Back of the Book

The time has come for the Weapons of Raven to choose new wielders.  Spider’s Chosen and a representative of Coyote’s Chosen are honored guests in the Shabo Desert, to witness the Raven Clan’s competitions.

When Jamie and her team find themselves embroiled in a cross-desert chase to retrieve a lost artifact, what will become of them as they are tested time and again in their beliefs that freedom and chaos should rule the world?  An enemy they thought dead still lives and now drives the forces of Order against them.  Will they choose their mission or their desire for revenge?  Jamie’s feelings for Nettle deepen, but what is she to do with the regal Maria and the connection growing there?

In the Monster’s Children, Jamie found herself training to fight in the ongoing war between the Trickster Gods and the Queen of Order.  A small team of young adults began their journey to embrace their battles for freedom and the darkness within themselves.  In the second book of the Tricksters’ War Series, Raven’s Spear, Jamie and the Chosen of the Spider have grown and become more battle-hardened.


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