How Raven Got His Wings

So this is is only one section to a much longer book I have been working on for years.  For an idea of my timeline “How the Raven got his Wings” was written around 2003. This version is less edited then the final product will be, and I strongly suggest that anyone reading to check updated sources.  Many tribes have made far reaching moves since  have written this, so remember that my views in some areas are dated.  I wrote this as a student in law school, so take that into account as you await my eventual finished product. 


I will be updating as I work on the book, and I was forced to add it as a PDF because I could not seem to figure out footnotes in WordPress.  But I was asked for this section, and here it is, so enjoy 🙂


The things I will be going over in this section are:


Part 1: How Raven Got His Wings: A quick history and tutorial of sovereignty and my own little rant about what it should mean.

  1. Introduction to Part 1
  2. Background
    1. Brief History of Indian Law and the Tensions with it
    2. Modern Views of Tribal Inherent Power
  3. Analysis
    1. The Justification for and the power behind the chains placed upon Inherent Power
    2. Doctrine of Discovery
    3. Treaty Negotiations
    4. Commerce Clause
    5. Conquest/Manifest Destiny
    6. Who asked the Indians?
  4. Implications
    1. Is this really your country
    2. What can Indians Do?
  5. Conclusion to Part 1

The PDF For the Document is How Raven Got His Wings



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