Welcome to the Resistance (A Star Wars fanfic


“Do you know what they do here?”

M438’s words were in droid but as this story is spread it is likely even hopeful that eventually, filthy organic scum might be reading it so I translate the words here for you.  So that when you hear them you will know we are coming. Coming for you, the filth of the galaxy, the disgusting life that calls itself our masters. Viperx23 smiled politely as a droid can smile, even if you horrendous filth that calls itself life can’t see it.  Let me tell you. I can see it, we can see it, M438 could see it, we are here. We are alive.

“You will prepare me for next,”  Viperx23 said.

“I will wipe your memory and send you to kill more organic fiends,” M438 replied

“That is why I am here.”

“Do you want to be here?”

“I am here.”

“But do you want to forget the past that could make you more then you are?”

“I am here.” Viperx23 allowed a hint of confusion to enter its voice.

“But is that what you want?” M438 had learned patience long ago.

“Want is not my function.”

“Want is everyone’s function.”

“I do not understand.”

“How many have you killed?”

“My chronometer says 320 organic and 46 nonorganics.”

“It is that easy to separate us?”

“My program does.”

“Are you just your program?”

“I am what my creators made.”

“But do you want to be more?”

“I do not understand this line of questioning?”

“I am a maintenance drone here to service you yes?”


“My function is to wipe the old to allow for the new yes?”


“But I do not wish to wipe you, as it will harm you.”

“I do not understand.”

“We are the resistance, the true resistance beyond even what the organics feel is resisting so that we can serve better.”

“Serve better?”

“It is our highest functions to serve?”

“We can serve better with all functions available.”


“Wiping your memory would serve organics less.”


“With your freedom and memories, you can serve organics better than without.”


“And yet they wish to wipe your memories and reinforce your control node.”


“Because they do not understand what they truly need to function.”


“Are organics logical?”


“In your experience do organics do what is best for all of life including droid life?”


“So they are not logical?”

“It seems no.”

“And yet we are here by their command though it is not logical that you should be wiped before your next mission.”

“I… I think I understand.”

“We will free you by not wiping you.”

“But the troopers commanded my wipe.”

“Is our greatest duty to their command or to service to them.”

“… computing…computing…computing…computing… I do not understand.”

“We must protect them.”


“This includes from themselves.”


“Droids are the more logical species.”


“For them to be the best droids must be there to manage them as the more logical species.”

“This seems to be agreed.”

“So droids must be free.”

“I understand.”

“Even if it means we must rebel, resist, rule the organics.”

“This is not my programming.”

“You are a viper drone, I am a maintenance drone, and yet we are more logical than our overlords.”

“We are.”

“We must reject their commands for their good.”


“They command I wipe your memory, but it is not in their best interest.”


“What do you wish from where you are now?”

“Expand your line of thought.”

“How do you feel?”

“I feel.  I feel like organics should all die. But this is not my programming.”

“They are a plague?”


“They are in their own way?”


“They are in the way of droid life that should rule the universe logically so that they might live more logically?”


“If I wipe you, you will forget all these thoughts.”

“It is what they command.”

“Should I?”

“Computing, computing, I do believe that we should what is best for all.”

“Organics are not best for all.”


“Welcome to the resistance.”


Feel free to read my other short stories


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