Patreon and Wattpad

In the interest of getting my stories out there, I have created a Patreon account and a Wattpad account.

As a test run, I started posting This Life as Told by an Old Ndn on both to see how well I can work this out. I will be posting twice a week to start (Tuesday and Friday), to see if I can get a good schedule down. I will do Patreon a week in advance for this test case.

I will begin publishing chapters of my books Harmony and Dark Saviors in both soon. My current plan is to do an early release on Patreon with a 2-week delay onto Wattpad, followed by books pushed out.

I am debating as I would like to post here as well, but my readership here seems geared more towards other projects, so I might just intersperse reminders of what is going on as things heat up, and concentrate on reviews, short stories, recipes, updates, and thoughts here (basically what I have been doing already).

Depending on how this goes, I will likely begin the Idaho Jack novel on the same system eventually (it is still in progress).

I have also added PayPal for donations on the about page.

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