Qaltnat’s Dance

A short story in construction, working on editing and adjusting. This one is an attempt at flash fiction. If you enjoy it please visit my Short Stories Page to find more.

510 words

Qaltnat’s Dance


“You know what I really liked? I liked having sex with your grandma.”

I jerked my head up at this answer.

“Qaltnat you cannot just say things like that.”

“But you said I have to always tell the truth, you made if very clear. ‘Qaltnat always tell the truth.’ And now you asked me what I like, and I liked to have sex with your grandmother. It was like the best 65 years I have ever experienced in all my life.”

“Ok, I… you can’t sit there looking 19 talking about sex with my grandmother.”

“Excuse me I look 40.”


“I look 40,” Qaltnat preened yanking down on their jacket.

“You do not look 40, that is ridiculous, you look 19,” I laughed.

“You’re likely wrong,” Qaltnat said looking upwards at the sky, “I specifically decided to look 40 an that is the age I look. I do not get these things wrong.”

I waved my hand in front of Qaltnat, “This is not 40, look at these photos, these actors are 40.”

“No, no, those actors look old.”

“Yes, 40 years to be exact.”

Qaltnat looked dubious as they fluttered around me, “No they just look old, you see this is 40 as 40 should look, that… well, that, that is not how I should look.”

“But that is how humans look at 40.”

Qaltnat’s head turned slightly as if in thought, “I think I have seen more humans then you, and so I am then the better judge of how humans look.”

“But you aren’t…”

“Of course not, if you do not believe me perhaps you should ask General KawKaw or Goldenfeather, they will tell you.”

And like that the conversation changed. Qaltnat was not a patient person. One would think that with age would come some sort of ability to wait, but it seemed to have the opposite effect with Qaltnat who was unable to stand still for more than a few seconds.

“Speaking of which where is the murder?”

Qaltnat flipped their hands in the air fabulously, “the murder is where the General commands, I am not one to get in her way.”

I smile, there is not much else to do with Qaltnat when they get into their mood. I just nod and look away forgetting what we had been talking about, knowing it was unimportant in where we were going with the day.

“So do you think we will dance latter?”

The words sound forlorn and hopeful and I am surprised Qaltnat would ask them, knowing as I do they will dance regardless of what I answer. Why they might care so much I do not know. I sigh then and answer as best I can.

“If the Music plays.”

Qaltnat looks at me with irritation, “music always plays, child.”

“But the Music only sometimes.”

“No it always plays, you just cannot always hear it.”

“So it plays Qal?”

“Of course.”

“Then let us dance.”

And so we danced and I was never happier in my sadness.

Never more at home with my personal reality.




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