Memories of Tomorrow

Memories of Tomorrow is a card game I have been playing with for a while now. I created it one night while playing Memory/Match and wanting an adult/harder version. Instead of matching cards, the goal is to create runs (or chains) on a gird of up/down and side to side. So the cards when developed will have numbers in the upper left corner (up-down) and bottom right corner (side to side).


The basic 41 Card Design

Like Memory, the cards are spread out face down on a table or floor and each player takes turns flipping two cards. If the cards that are flipped create a chain the player can flip another card or pull the chain. This goes on until they pull the chain or flip a card that does not add to the chain. If a mistake is made all the cards are flipped back upside down, and the next player goes.


For example to make a chain on a 2 / 5 card one would look for a 1 / 5, 3 / 5, 2 / 4, or 2 / 6. If no chain is made they are flipped back over and the next player goes. If a chain is created by say the player pulling a 3 / 5, then the player may take that change or flip another card looking for 1 / 5 or 4 / 5.


To start the game determine who is the winner, who is amazing, and who is the dancer. If there are only two players the winner takes over being the amazing. Each player draws a card the highest vertical number is the winner, the lowest is the dancer. If there are more then three players the highest horizontal number that is not the winner or dancer becomes amazing. Each player has a task before the start of the game.


My Beaded Attempt
  • Player One (Amazing): Sings and gathers the cards.
  • Player Two (Dancer): Quietly shuffles deck.
  • Player Three (Winner): Hums and scatters the cards face down.
  • Amazing flips the first two cards, once they are done the game rotates towards the dancer (regardless of clockwise or counter).


Standard Play is done with the first 41 cards which make up the main design (Green). Vertical numbers are on the top left corner, Horizontal numbers are on the bottom right corner. This can be seen in this PDF or in the image of the card outlines.

Basic Card Layout and Their Numbered Positions

For increased difficulty, there are two main additions that be tried

  • First, add the 24 corner cards, corners can only be claimed as a single chain by flipping all 6 cards in that corner, though they do not need to be flipped in any order. These corners are the Cardinal (Red), the Raven (Black), the Swan (White), and the Hummingbird (Yellow).
  • Difficulty can also be increased by requiring more cards to be flipped in a chain then two. We often try three cards in a chain for a chain to be taken.


The Basic Rules and Board Design

So The Basic Rules and board design outline can be found on the PDF here or seen in the image of the board (above) are:

  1. Flip any two cards to try and connect a chain
  2. Two or more cards connected horizontal or vertical create a chain.
  3. Chains can be horizontal or vertical but not both at the same time.
  4. The player can take the chain at any time or keep flipping cards to add to the chain.
  5. If a card flip does not add to the chain all cards are turned upside down and not taken.
  6. New cards can only be added to an already taken chain if a new chain is created that turn.
  7. STEAL: A taken chain can be stolen if another player adds more cards in a single turn to the existing chain then the owning player already has.
  8. GAME OVER: The player with the longest single chain is amazing (P1).  The player with the majority of the design is the winner (P3). The Player with neither has to do a little dance (P2).


Future Plans By Beading

Decorate Card 2.jpg


Now what I would love to do if people are interested in playing the game enough that I create an actual for sale version of it is to have the board squares beaded into a single overall design and then print from the beadwork. As seen in these photos


I have started a few small examples (photo above and in the header), though my skills are not so great as some I assure you.



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