Dandan’s Book Club

I am adding this as a blog page so that it is easy to come back to and share for those that want to check-in. We will be reading and discussing a book every month.

On the 15th of every month, we will post a discussion of our book under the hashtag #DandansBookClub The discussion will go for an entire day before I take suggestions in creating the next 4-6 book poll that will be posted for 24 hours. The winner of the poll then becomes the book discussed for the next month.
Dandan’s Book Club will accept any suggestions, but because of popular demand by those who first wanted to be part of it (and my tastes), we will focus on authors who are BIPOC with an emphasis on female authors. I am also a big fan of speculative fiction, but open to any genre as long as it is available at local libraries and amazon/online book stores as paper and ebook for ease of finding.

Basic Facts of Dandan’s Book Club

  • Book Discussion on the 15th of every month
  • Suggestions are taken on the 16th for the next book
  • Remember to check here to see if there is any theme for that month before suggesting.
  • A poll posted the 17th for 24 hours to pick the next book
  • Do not @ the authors unless they see and request that we do (review etiquette).
  • Tag all discussion with hashtag #DandansBookClub
  • Be polite to each other.
  • Everyone is welcome

Our current book for Feb 15th is:

Month Themes

I’d note that a book of weird fiction by a self published Latin Author that has 0 TW could be nominated at least 4 months on here.

Open to theme change suggestions.

  • January: Dandan’s choice
  • February: Black Authors
  • March: No books that need trigger warnings
  • April: Indie and Self Published only
  • May: Asian and Pacific Islander Authors
  • June: Novellas
  • July: Occupations/Dystopias
  • August: Nonfiction
  • September: Latin Authors
  • October: Horror
  • November: Indigenous Authors
  • December: Weird Fiction

Future suggestions:

  • Jeannette Ng; Under the Pendulum Sun; Novel $6.99 on Amazon Kindle
  • Octavia Butler; Parable of the Sower; Novel $10.06 on Amazon Kindle (free with Prime)

Please note the hashtag changed from #OurBookClub to #DandansBookClub by popular demand (someone was already using it).

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