Qaltnat’s Truths


A short story in construction, working on editing and adjusting. This one is an attempt at flash fiction. If you enjoy it please visit my Short Stories Page to find more.

271 words 


Qaltnat’s Truths


I let my eyes tighten, “How do you know that?”


“I listened when they spoke silly,” Qaltnat sounded so reasonable and normal it was easy to remember that they were not being either. I looked away from the eyes that stared back at me.


The silence built and built until I finally caved as Qaltnat knew I would, “they didn’t say anything?”


“Well, that’s true,” Qaltnat’s head tiled as the words tumbled into the air as if stating the most obvious thing in the world.


I frowned, “so you lied?”


Qaltnat spun quickly around and around before stopping staring into my eyes. The offense plain within their eyes. I had never seen them so angry before, “Obviously not! I can’t lie.”


I shook my head, “but you just said.”


With a huff, Qaltnat raised their head in pride and sputtered, “I didn’t lie you just didn’t understand.”


Now it was my turn to sputter as I pointed my finger at my chest, “I didn’t understand…”


Qaltnat waved in the air as if there was nothing to be said. It was like a shrug, a laugh, a sigh of acceptance, “humans have difficulty interpreting even obvious truths.”


“We are speaking the same language,” dripped from my mouth in frustration. When Qaltnat got like this there was nothing one could get from them, just more random words strung together.


“Are we? That seems unlikely,” Qaltnat sounded genuinely curious as if the very idea of language was so foreign that they could not be sure, and as Qaltnat’s confusion sounded more and more honest I could feel my own surety flitter upon the wind. 



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