The Raven’s Spear has a Rough Draft

This week’s blog post is a discussion of the next adventures of Jamie and her band of the Spider’s Chosen as they wage war against the forces of Order.

In the first novel, “Monster’s Children,” Jamie found herself training to fight in the ongoing war between the Trickster Gods and the Queen of Order.  A small team of young adults began their journey to embrace their battle for freedom.  In the second Book “Raven’s Spear” they have grown and become more battle hardened.  The days of training are over as the events become more action-packed and focused on their singular goal.  They get a glimpse inside the workings of an older and more established band of Chosen, how they are formed, and the society that has grown around them.

The Raven Sword was returned to the Tricksters in the first book and with its return, the time has come for the other Weapons of the Raven to choose new wielders.  The Spider’s Chosen and a representative of Coyote’s Chosen are honored guests in the Shabo Desert to witness the Raven Clan’s competitions for the next weapon holders.

When they find themselves embroiled in a cross-desert chase to retrieve a lost artifact what will become of their team as they are tested time and again in their beliefs that freedom and chaos should rule the world.  What will happen when the team must face their greatest shame, the enemy they thought dead still lives and now drives the forces of Order against them.  Will they choose their mission or their desire for revenge?

The second book in the Trickster’s War Series is currently finding beta readers, and preparing to undergo editing in a few months.  It is currently at 70,000 words (the first book was 72,000).  If you find yourself interested in reading a PDF copy and giving feedback well before it goes off to the editors feel free to contact me.  One does not have to have read the first book, but it would be helpful.

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