Project Updates and upcoming Free Kindle Version of Monster’s Children

Not to turn my blog into merely marketing, but while I work on restarting my weekly posts please enjoy a free copy of Monster’s Children from Kindle on Friday Nov 9th until Nov 13th. I do ask that everyone that reads the book leave a review about how much you love it.  Or how mediocre it might seem.

Current project updates.

  • Raven’s Spear (Trickster’s War book 2) with the editor now.
  • Court of the Catalysts (novel) in construction.
  • My life as Told by an Old Ndn (collection of short stories) my current NaNoWriMo submission.
  • Savage Land (comic book series) waiting until late December to start hitting this more full time. Still need an artist.
  • Consulting work (casino stuff) currently in Montana doing some work, and loving it, great casinos.
  • Getting ready to take the GMAT and GRE to start thinking about the future as a phd.
  • Sailboat, looking at a new place to live that I can use to travel the world.

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