The Savage Lands Comic Project

Today in the blog I wish to explore the comic I want to begin creating and am looking for potential assistance with.  A semi-historical story set in ancient times.  A much-traveled young man from the Americas gets swept out into the Atlantic Ocean and ends up in pre-Roman occupied England.  He spends his time trying to find rumors of a way home while struggling to find his way in these new lands.

Taking lessons from comics like Conan and Red Sonja the “Savage Lands” will trail adventure as the protagonist discovers new lands and peoples in his travels through ancient lands.  Pulling from historical research as well as legends and oral traditions the way we look at history will never be the same.

My ideas are forming, and I am creating an outline and first few issues.  The writing of comic scripts is a new way to write, and I find it difficult but fun.  I am on the lookout for an indigenous artist to help with the project once I am ready to get it started.

I am still struggling to name the main character as well as a title for the comic.  I am leaning toward the Title “The Savage Lands” but am not sure what I think of that title yet.  It is still a new idea and the project will slowly coalesce into something I hope to be proud of.

For a sample of my writing style feel free to try my novel Monster’s Children or my  unedited short story Monster’s Offer



Precolonial Native America finds himself among the barbaric peoples of ancient Europe.  Using his skills and knowledge he must find his way across the world and home.



In ancient times, a well-traveled young man from the civilized Americas gets lost at sea and ends up in barbaric England.  He travels through the English countryside saving those he can and trying to teach them what he sees as civilized behavior to improve their lives before moving on.  He has adventures and makes friends among figures of legend and history.  He constantly must face how backward the people of this new land are.  He was well-traveled in the Americas and compares what he finds elsewhere in the world with the continents of his home.  Using the skills, he learned from the many people of the Americas he must now survive among new and savage peoples.

The second Season he moves from England to the European continent gathering people he meets as companions.  He travels through Europe at least part of time into German lands, meets, and adventures with Vikings.

Long term he eventually hears of people more like him i.e. darker and he moves south through Turkey and Greece, eventually into Egypt and then Africa.  He spends at least a Season in Africa before hearing of others like him farther east and he travels into India and then East Asia.  He will spend time in China, perhaps time in other areas will need research for the period and possibilities.  From there he either crosses to Alaska from Germany or goes on a boat toward the Pacific.


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